Wessex Pork
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Serves 4 - 6


10 x 6 oz (150g) pork chops
20 x sage leaves
A pinch powdered thyme
A pinch powdered bay leaf
2 chopped garlic cloves 
4 fl oz (100ml) olive oil
40 x black olives (stoned)

8 fl oz (200ml) dry white wine 
14 oz (350g) diced tomatoes
12 fl oz (300ml) vegetable stock
1 meat stock cube
4 chopped anchovy fillets
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp freshly chopped sage 

Make two small incisions in the side of each chop and insert a small sage leaf. Place chops in a shallow dish, season 
on both sides with salt, pepper , herbs, garlic and oil. Allow to marinate for 1 hour, turning occasionally.

Drain oil from chops and heat in a sauté pan, lightly browning on both sides. Cover with lid and cook gently on a lower heat for approx 10 min. Remove chops and dress neatly in an earthenware dish. Gently heat olives in pan, remove and place in bouquets beside chops. 

Use juices in pan and lightly caramelise, drain off the oil and add wine. Reduce by half then add the tomatoes, meat stock cube, vegetable stock and  anchovies. Simmer for a few minutes, reduce until slightly thickened. Pass through a fine strainer or sieve. Adjust the seasoning and pour over chops, finish with a little lemon juice and a sprinkling of sage.